5 Tips about Customer care for home sharing business


Turn your average listing into an epic success story through Customer care

By the time, you complete reading this guide, you will understand exactly how and why customer care for home sharing will make you a super host. A guest check-ins your vacation rental for the first time because you have promised him a convenient stay. It is an opportunity rather than an end.
An opportunity to provide unparalleled customer care for home sharing to your guests to have them coming back again, and again and again. It builds a bridge or a highway between you and the guest that translates into repeat business or a referral system.

As a result, the effort that goes into increasing the visibility of your rental property on Airbnb is no longer required. This is one of the prime reason why certain listings massively outdo their counterparts in business, reviews and onsite popularity.
I will show you step-by-step method to fire up your rental business and retain the momentum through a proven system.

Secure a guaranteed 5* rating- First impression directly affects rating!

The process of building an unbreakable client relationship starts right at the moment you receive a query on your Airbnb listing.
You may receive queries that may seem nefarious or obvious or plainly stupid. However, your response to each message must be soft, informative and valuable. You must never forget the cardinal rule of hospitality i.e customer is the king.

Also to make the client fully informed about the ins and outs of the rental property, you can do this by preparing a FAQ page. You should update questions that you receive on a multiple basis and supplement it with every new question. This will save you tons of time when answering that person.
Keeping the guest informed is necessary, it is best to state the type and number of room’s available in for the guest. Help guest identify geographic location of your property along with amenities and value-added services like Local Park, restaurants, airport etc.

You should always advice the potential guest of the legal narrative of your home country. Although the guest normally researches about the law relating to short-term renting, it is best to let them know that the services you offer are legal in your home country. If you pay all the taxes as you should, and do everything according to the law let them know about it. They may be nicer when it comes to the review.

In order to establish trust and prove your authenticity through your profile, it is advisable that you include your personal information, your personal photograph and a brief description about who the guest may meet at the rental property.
Guests feel comfortable and assured because of that personal touch and love to talk to humans rather than to a non-personal hotel. Airbnb establishes its brand recognition as a platform where guests can belong anywhere, in the sense that guests should feel at home everywhere they go.
As the guest sits on the other side of the world, a visual description of their vacation shack along with a face that shall host them builds credibility, which is a pre-requisite to extraordinary customer care for home sharing businesses.

Sharing as much information as possible when talking to your potential guest is the key.
Keeping a healthy communication channel removes the barrier of every form such as cultural, ethical or otherwise. This helps in setting a clear expectation of the property, which directly affects the temperament of the guest while rating. You can speed up your discussion by switching to faster platforms like Messenger or WhatsApp, which are most used usually.

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On the day of check-in, surprise your guest with a bottle of wine or an apple pie or a self-cooked cuisine to add a layer of personal touch.

I remember for instance I have met a super host at Airbnb Open 2015 that used to personalize the gift every time a different guest was coming.

A gesture that may seem trivial will separate you from the bulk of host out there. As they check in, you can give them a tour of the property and also demonstrate how certain electronic appliances work. This will build rapport, break the ice between the two and pacify the guest into convenience.

What to do when you’re away? A warm welcome does not necessarily mean you have to be physically present.

To provide an extraordinary customer care for home sharing business, you can record a welcome video and share it with your guest. A professionally recorded video that gives a tour of the house can be used for several guest check-ins. It also gives a wow effect since it is still pretty original. Additionally, you can book a wine or a chocolate cake at the expected check-in time while you’re away. Chocolate always gives a warm feeling and our mind associates with tenderness and care.

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To ensure that you’re on the same page as the client during their stay, specifically ask them about their stay after the first night. It will help you gauge the temperament of the guest because a night of peaceful and comfortable sleep usually translate into a warm-receptive morning. Just make sure it is unique and personalized. It is better that you ask them to sit together for a local specialty breakfast and keep the conversation light-hearted.
Pro tip: In this casual conversation please try to avoid conversation relating to politics or religion.

If you follow most if not all these tips mentioned you’ll jump in excitement as you witness your guest turn into frequent and repeat visitor to your apartment. If the guest like you very much they will recommend you not only in the platform but through their network.

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A little kindness always goes a long way in hospitality. Hence, when you’re in doubt or confused, it is best to stick to the basics and remain professional.
Simple words such as Thank you and I’m Sorry can get you out from sticky situations that can negatively impact your reviews and long-term client relationship.

Provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for your guest. You must at all times be completely aware of the health of the property and ensure that everything remains in stellar condition. If the microwave is broken, it must be told to the guest in advance that it doesn’t cause a disappointment during the stay.

Remember: manage expectations is the real key of the game!

One of most defining quality of a super host is that they always walk an extra-mile. They keep the tea box, salt, pepper, condiments and other essentials refilled. Although it is barely consumed, it adds a brownie point to your overall reputation.

To full-proof your bit of an extraordinary service, you must proactively assume mishaps and possess instant solution. For a guest could accidentally lose the keys to the house, your thoughtfulness can quickly switch the situation in your favour. The security of the guest’s key is beyond your control however, your superhost power did not let the guest have a bad day.

Similarly, when a guest is about to check-out, you should ask them if and when would they like to visit next. Give them tips on how to reach their next destination, so their travel in your place will be smooth from the beginning to the end.

If they liked the stay, remember to ask them to share a 5* rating with a raving testimonial. If you’ve given due thought from the start of the conversation, you’re most likely to be given the ratings even before check-out.

Pro tip: always give the rating first to motivate the guest to do the same.
If you’re a superhost, you may gift a memoir or a souvenir along with a coupon code that’ll keep them invested in revisiting your vacation rental. A letter thanking them to choose to stay with you along with a call to action to induce them to add your rental listing to their favourite list will directly affect your visibility on Airbnb.

Now that you’re equipped, put on your cape, become the superhost

Summarised tips on guaranteeing ratings through extraordinary customer service:

  • Respond quickly to Airbnb listing queries.
  • Set expectations from the start.
  • Personalise the experience by putting pictures, photographs to convey a human touch.
  • Communicate off Airbnb to drop boundaries and talk like a friend.
  • Surprise the guest with a bottle of wine, cheesecake or box of chocolate at their first day of check-in along with a FAQ page.
  • Give a house tour and explain the working of appliances. (Record a video of the same if you’re unable to attend to the guests personally)
  • Enquire about their stay after the first night.
  • Provide a clean, safe and convenient environment for the guest to stay.


That’s it. It may seem overwhelming at first, which it is, however, your future self will thank you immeasurably for this.
You’ll be referred and recommended so many times because of your personalized offering that your business will surge to untapped limits.
This is what separates average Airbnb host from the legends, whose listings get tonnes of hidden bookings sprawling from references rather website bookings.
Did we forget something? Do you have any other tips you would like to share with us?


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